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Precast Walling Prices

Precast walling comes in many different styles, heights and colours and the price per meter ranges from R620 to R1400 per metre this includes installation. You might want to add extra features, such as security spikes, electric fencing, pedestrian gates or a main gate

The cost of precast walling depends on various factors:

  • Type of precast used (eg. crushed clay, louvre, jumbo, plain, etc)
  • Height of precast walling
  • Length of precast walling
  • Durability of the precast wall
  • Extras included (eg. security spikes, electric fencing and gates)

Below is a handy guide for the price of precast walling per meter including installation:

Average Precast Walling Prices Per Meter Installed  

Standard Precast Walling1.8m highFrom R620 per metre
Standard Precast Walling2.1m highFrom R690 per metre
Standard Precast Walling2.4m highFrom R735 per metre
Crushed Clay Precast Walling1.8m highFrom R820 per metre
Crushed Clay Precast Walling2.1m highFrom R920 per metre
Crushed Clay Precast Walling2.4m highFrom R998 per metre
Heavy Duty Precast Walling2.4m highFrom R1300 per metre
Heavy Duty Precast Walling2.7m highFrom R1400 per metre

Type of precast walling and the difference in price

The kind of precast walling is a major driving factor for price. Crushed clay is an attractive, mid-range option, while standard precast (including jumbo, louvre and plain precast) is very cost-effective. Heavy-duty precast walling is the most expensive but provides excellent durability and longevity. 

  • Crushed Clay 
  • Louvre 
  • Plain 
  • Jumbo
  • Heavy duty

Height of the precast wall. 

A standard precast wall is 1.8m high, but a 2.1m or 2.4m high wall can provide additional security and peace of mind.  The higher the wall, the higher the price you pay. 

Length of precast walling.

Precast walling is priced per metre, so the longer your perimeter, the higher the cost will be. 

Durability of precast walling.

Precast walling is known to be very durable and long-lasting. A well-installed precast wall can last you a lifetime with very little maintenance. 

For additional durability, you could opt for heavy duty precast walling but this will cost you a bit more. 

Heavy duty precast walling ranges from R1300 to R1400 per metre, depending on the height. 

Crushed Clay Precast Walling.

Crushed clay precast walling gives you plenty of character and suits most properties. An added benefit is that you never have to paint or wash it. 

You can expect to pay between R820 to R998 per metre.

Louvre Precast Walling. 

Louvre precast walling has thin, horizontal bricks and is the most common type of precast wall. 

It is very cost-effective and can be left plain or painted any colour. Louvre precast walling ranges from R650 to R760 per metre.

Plain Precast Walling.

Plain precast walling has medium-sized bricks and is a great, neutral style of wall. 

The cost of plain precast walling is from R650 to R760 per metre

Jumbo Precast Walling.

Jumbo precast walling has very large bricks that can be left in its raw concrete colour or painted. 

Installation is quick and they provide security and lots of privacy to your home or business property. 

The price of jumbo precast walling is between R650 and R760 per metre

Heavy Duty Precast Walling. 

If you need top-notch security for your premises, heavy duty precast walling is the way to go. 

These walls are made from the highest quality and most durable materials and are the most expensive option. You can expect to pay from R1300 to R1400 per metre for heavy duty precast walling.